Publications and Awards


The Stance of the Toro Bravo

2014 Gold Solas Award, Travel and Healing



Day Dreamer

2014 Silver Solas Award, Family Travel

Points North Atlanta magazine, November 2013 issue


2014 New Millennium Writings Honorable Mention, Nonfiction




2014 Bronze Solas Award, Destination



Two poems, Cafe de Nuit and Coltrane by Twilight in Burning the Midnight Oil anthology, edited by Phil Couisneau

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Erin did a series of articles and interviews, including How to Become a Travel Writer for Writers' Digest and Reading and Writing Morocco, which can be found here.




2013 Travelers' Tales Bronze Solas Award for Best Travel Story of the Year

Editor's Choice, April 2013


2013 Tom Howard/John H. Reid Short Story Award, Winning Writers, Second Prize - Storykeepers




Fez Rushed In

New Millennium Writings 2013 Award for Nonfiction - Honorable Mention

photos by Christina Ammon


French Connections

2013 Soul-Making Keats Literary Competition, American Association of Pen Women - First Place in Memoir Vignette

2013 New Millennium Writings Nonfiction Award - Honorable Mention

photos by Christina Ammon


Frank Sinatra in the Early Evening

2013 New Millennium Writings Poetry Award - Honorable Mention

New Millennium Writings Literary Journal, Issue 22, 2013



Spirals - Memoir of a Celtic Soul

2012 Travelers' Tales Silver Solas Award for Best Travel Story of the Year

Editor's Choice March 7, 2012

Press 53 Open Awards 2011 Finalist in Creative Nonfiction




The Healing Heights of Machu Picchu

2012 Silver Solas Award - Travel and Healing

2012 Tom Howard Short Story Most Highly Commended Award



Dear Madame Renaud

2012 Bronze Solas Award - Doing Good or The Kindness of Strangers

2012 Tom Howard Short Story Most Highly Commended Award

Judges' comments: For the first time ever, a contestant has won two awards in the Most Highly Commended category. It was a surprise to the judges, because the two stories are quite different in both subject and style. In fact, the only aspect that both "Dear Madame Renaud" and "The Healing Heights of Machu Picchu" have in common, is the highly charged emotional impact they have on the reader.

Images of Simone Renaud courtesy of Doug Stebleton, producer/director of Mother of Normandy. For information on this award-winning film and book, go to http://www.plasticcow.com/mon/



VESTOJ The Journal of Sartorial Matters

Red Petals

Vestoj, Summer 2012 issue

In the Paris of 1947, the war had meant years of scarcity, and the extravagance of Dior's New Look was offensive to many. During a photo session in a street market in Montmartre, a model walked proudly out onto the Rue Lepic:

... the effect was electric. The street sank into an uneasy silence; with a shriek of outrage, a woman stall-holder hurled herself on the nearest model, shouting insults. Another woman joined her and together they beat the girl, tore her hair and tried to pull her clothes off her.

- Antony Beevor and Artemis Cooper, Paris After the Liberation



Vincent's Vision: The First of Further Letters of Vincent van Gogh

Perhaps there exists a parallel universe in which Vincent van Gogh walked up the hill to the fields with his easel strapped to his back in Auvers-sur-Oise that summer day in 1890, pulled the gun out of his pocket - and hesitated.

This letter belongs in that invisible dimension.

Crab Creek Review - 2011 Volume 2.

To order, go to www.crabcreekreview.org.

Images of Vincent and Theo van Gogh courtesy of www.vggallery.com





The Taste of This Place

Traveler's Tales Best Travel Writing 2011 Gold Solas Award, category: Travel and Food



The Secret of It - What Parisian Women Whispered to Me

Traveler's Tales Best Travel Writing 2011 Bronze Solas Award, category: Travel and Transformation



Winged Victory, A Pilgrimage to Paris

Whidbey Island Writer's Conference Benefactor's Award, First Place in Essay, 2009

Traveler's Tales Best Travel Writing 2010 Gold Solas Award, Travel and Transformation Traveler's Tales Editor's Choice, October 2010

Best Travel Writing 2011 Anthology



The Rarest of Editions

Traveler's Tales Best Travel Writing 2010 Gold Solas Award, category: Culture and Ideas

Traveler's Tales Editor's Choice April 2010




Placed in the Place

Book Passage Travel Writer's and Photographer's Conference
Grand Prize, 2009

This essay will be included in Wings From Victory, Erin's collection of Paris essays.



Leaning Back

Traveler's Tales Best Travel Writing 2009 Bronze Solas Award, category: Family Travel


Coasting Beyond Boyhood Coasting Beyond Boyhood

Coasting Beyond Boyhood

Wanderlust and Lipstick, May 2011

The story of Pointe du Hoc, Normandy as seen through the eyes of a mother and son.




Victory at the Louvre Victory at the Louvre

Victory at the Louvre

World Hum, August 2010

Winged Victory from a different perspective.




Barak Obama What Matters

Peace Matters: 8 Reasons Why Obama Earned The Nobel Prize

Brave New Traveler, October 16, 2009

President Obama's Nobel Peace Prize in light of the wider world. This article highlights David Elliot Cohen's book, What Matters. Peace Matters



8 Nobel Prize Laureates On How Leadership Can End War.

Brave New Traveler, November 2, 2008

Nobel Peace Prize Laureates from around the world remind us that peace is not an antiquated notion, but a real possibility that requires certain qualities in our leaders in



Lessons Abroad

Brave New Traveler, October 28, 2008

It was an unlikely place for thoughts of American patriotism: a twisting and turning, narrow road under a green canopy in the hills of Ireland.



A Rare Blend 

The Writer's Workshop Review, July 25, 2008

A bunch of people from around the world mingle to produce A Rare Blend 

A revised version of Rare Blend was a finalist in Wanderlust and Lipstick's Wander Women Write contest, and can be found here with additional photos.



Goodbye To Bush: Europeans React To President’s Farewell Tour

Brave New Traveler, July 1, 2008

Europe says goodbye to President Bush, opening a window of opportunity for travelers.  Find out what this window hinges on in





Brave New Traveler, May 20, 2008

Feel the desire to dash away?



A new view of Paris:ComParisons/Seine Through Fresh Eyes

Everywhere Magazine March/April 2008
Everywhere Magazine Online

Fall in love with Paris again and again.



The Fortress of His Mind: Charles d’Orleans’ Captivity in The Tower of London

The Literary Traveler, November 9, 2007

The Tower of London is illuminated in the book In a Dark Wood Wandering by Hella S. Haasse.



Eye to Eye with Vincent

Peer inside an open window into Vincent van Gogh's soul. 

Photo credits:  ComParisons - David Lawrence, www.WideImages.com, www.vangoghgallery.com